Asociatia Credinta Crestina a Romilor din Romania

Duminică, 2018-09-23, 7:51 AM

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Descrierea scopului si a activitatilor ca si viziune tinta

     Ajutorarea familiilor nevoiase din zonele cele mai rau devaforizate social, moral si material  ale Bucurestiului si din tara.
     Ajutor umanitar si incurajarea oamenilor deprimati si descurajati de viata neavand un adapost.

     Acordarea de ajutor pt ingrijirea si sponzorizarea copiilor care provin din familii numeroase pentru a avea posibilitatea de a merge la scoala si totodata sa continuam alfabetizarea cu ei.

     Pastrarea traditiei cultural-artistice -cumpararea de diferite instrumente muzicale

     Sponsorizarea profesorilor care ajuta la alfabetizarea copiilor si celor ce ii invata sa cante pe instrumente.

    Ajutorarea copiilor strazii cei care vin din institutii si familii cu probleme sociale prin diverse interventii pe termen lung. Includerea in regim de deplasament in familii pe termen lung si scurt si slujirea in strada aducand pe copii strazii si pe cei fara adapost la servirea unei mese calde in cadrul sediului pe care il avem (lacas de cult).

    Sustinerea si vizitarea batranilor la domiciliu oferindu-le o masa calda si ajutandu-i la treburile casnice.

    Strangerea de ajutor financiar pentru unele categorii de persoane ce sunt incluse in programul organizatiei  la interventii  chirurgicale.

    Sprijinirea cu materiale de constructii si chiar cu meseriasi pt construirea de casutept familii greu incercate si neajutorate. Ajutor pt renovarea locuintelor familiior sarace cu copii multi si chiar cumpararea a unor lucruri de uz casnic.
   Sediul  pe care il avem are o capacitate de aproape 250 persoane si se afla intr-o zona ce prezinta riscuri foarte mari de stupefiante, prostitutie , abandon scolar , divorturi si copii abandonati. Foarte multi din parinti intra in puscarie datorita unor practici ilegale si astfel sunt foarte multi copii abandonati. Restul timpului nostru ni-l petrecem in strada printre cei ce se drogheaza , printre cei cu probleme imorale si printre cei care fac infractiuni.    
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''Let the children come to me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as they''.

Christian Church ''Evanghelia''(pentecostal)

      God put this on our heart, for 3 months to offer food to street's children and the poor kids. They could serv a warm food in our church about 50 children but with the help of God we want in our church to give food to 100 children. Our church is located in a very poor area and there most of the children doesn't go to school,is a drugs area, of prostitution and divorces. As you see God put us here with our church to work in the middle of this people category. So we make a call to all brothers and sisters wants to help this project regarding the kids and especially to the pastors who wants to involve their church in this project because we could not give to this children only once a week and we would like to this very pour children that got only missings offer them this everyday. To give food to about 100 children it would cost 150 euro a day. We need to buy 8 tables that got also chairs and it cost 70 euro one table, 50 tureens,50 plates, 50 spoons and furcs,50 cups. we need to buy also a bigger cooker to prepaire more differents food once. All this cost around 600 euro.
      We want to have with them differents programs like:  christian programs, school(learn them to read, write etc.,), to learn them to play on instruments to have camps too, christians of course and in time to make leaders of worship, gospel preachers. In this project we want to built in the yard of our church a bathroom to have 4-5 showers to wash this children, and it is necesary also clothes for them.VERY NECESARY is a bus with a big capacity 
      Please all that you want to get involved in this vision HELP US to make this project move that it has so much spiritual heavy. Why? Because we as church have not the necesary possibilities to make this come true. The church is in Neighborhood Ferentari from Bucharest, Romania. str. Prel Ferentar, n° 5, sect. 5.
     To this project we add some pictures with the children eating food in the our church. Thank you to all that will get involved and it will help us to this in good conditions. Greetings with psalm 20 and 128. Please recomand this project if you have relations and friends that might help us. thank you!

And I The King, will tell them: ''When you did it to these my brothers you were doing this to me''( Mat 25: 35-40 read)

BRD AGENTIA RAHOVA BUCURESTI, Calea Ferentari nr. 1 , Sect.5 Bucuresti
COD IBAN euro  RO82BRDE410SV91495364100

You can see pictures about that in Photo Albums
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                              The Christian Church 'The Spring of the One who Prayed'-En Hacore (Judges 15:19)
...why this name? Because we cry and pray at the One who said: My house will be a prayer house and we believe God will give us o prayer house as He did with Samson when He opened the stone and gave him Water and as he did with Agarei when He made a spring to flow from a dry and empty ground for her own and her son (Geneses 21:15-19). We pray for more than 1 year to God for a Worship place. The church is planted for an year and eight months in village Glina (Bobesti) com. Glina Jud . Ilfov, Romania. First we rented a house but it was necessary a lot and others reparations to good as church. The owner wanted to sale to us the house in that time but I didn't got money for that but he leaved us in the house paying the rent for 1 year and in this time to have money to buy it. I told him if we will give money to reparations he would not make the price bigger when we will buy the house.  The deal is that the price is 14000 euros regarding the trade that will be made with all the taxes i think the amount will be more than 16000 euros. The price of the house is bigger but the owner knows that we made a deal because we gave money for the reparations and he gaves us a time till october.
      Now some things about the community from that place- it is located at 20 km in the outside of Bucharest. The population from there is more than 4000 peoples but in the village where we have the church the people are very poor they don't have any job. Almoust every family has 5-6 kids. Some of them has as job the music. Near them is a cesspit and from that manny of them are living, searching metal, plastic bottles and others . This is the way that manny of them try to live but manny fail. And as you know that the first people that answer to the Gospel Message are the poor.
      On 4th July 2012 our rent Contract finished and we should have the money to buy the house but with sorrow in my heart i'm telling you in this moment we don't have any money for this. In this time he could just to pay the rent at day. So we make a call to all brothers from churches and please in The Name of Jesus Christ to give us a helping hand for that to don't remain in the street. 
       We want to thanks to all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ that will help us and Greetings with Ruth 2:12. Amen! and more than this we pray for all the pastors that will involve their church in this need to buy a Prayer House.
        Regarding the pourness from this community it is very necesary HUMANITARY HELP too-clothes, things for  casnic use and aliments.
BRD AGENTIA RAHOVA BUCURESTI, Calea Ferentari nr. 1 , Sect.5 Bucuresti
COD IBAN euro  RO82BRDE410SV91495364100

Pastor Calin Ion  (0040)0765 863 438                                                                                                                                                        (0040)0744 982 687

  The House that we want to buy


  The yard of the house

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This event was on 24 apr 2011. three women(one was pregnant) was babitized and a men and with this ocassion we evangelised. this event was outside like everybody to see and hear The Word of God. We put some chairs, we prepaired our instrumentation  and we started this important event. Was a beatiful event and we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. the people came in big number to hear the Word of God. At the end we prayed for people who were sick like God to heal them. PAstor Calin Ion, Carl and Kevin preached about the Resurection of Jesus and he's dead but also they told people how they can receive God in their life. It was a beatiful day and we enjoyed because the people had opened their heart to listen the Word of God
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Despre organizatia noastra

               De ce o organizatie specifica romilor? Pentru ai chema la mantuirea in Isus Christos .pentru ca romii aici in Romania sunt marginalizati si nu sunt luati in consideratie... ca si din ei pot iesi slujitori destoinici ai evangheliei domnului nostru Isus Christos. Ei sunt priviti ca ceva in care nu poti sa ai incredere si sunt considerati niste oameni neseriosi .Ei nu pot fi acceptati in diferite slujbe ca si lideri spirituali pentru ca ei sunt priviti cauza tuturor problemelor.Toate acestea le vad organizatiile mari religoase neoprotestante evanghelice asa zis crestine ... Avand in vedere ca in Romania suntem peste trei milioane de romi . Poporul rom in Romania pot sa spun ca ei duc la indeplinire porunca Domnului care spune: "Cresteti inmultitiva si umpleti tot pamantul"... asa ca romii din Romania ca famili sunt foarte numerosi ca aproape nu exista familie sa nu fie cate 4,5 copii 10,15 pana-n 20 de copii . Ei parca sunt asemenea poporului Israel din tinutul Gosen unde alta data din Egipt
            Ce isi are in viziune organizatia: misiune perseverenta printre romii evanghelizare in masa de la om la om,ridicare de lideri pentru plantare de biserici ,si ucenicizare, si in comunitatiile de romii unde sunt foarte rau defavorizate social sa putem interveni cu ajutorul material din tot ce necesita si acolo unde va fi nevoie sa le putem construi lacase de inchinare ba mai mult decat atat dorim sa avem programe speciale pentru copii nostri romii din orce punct de vedere .Cu privire la viziunea noastra ne rugam Domnului El sa ne pregateasca frati si surori sau chiar organizatii crestine in care sa intinda o mana de ajutor in lucrarea de aici din Romania si astfel sa fim parteneri in lucrarea aceasta pentru mantuirea tuturor oamenilor si in mod special al romiilor . Viziunea noastra se bazeaza ca si crez pe principiile crestine apostolice . Asa ca dorim sa implinim marea insarcinare ca si porunca data de Domnul nostru Isus Christos Matei 28:19-20 Maranata amin.
              La prezent avem in cadrul organizatiei afiliate la peste 87 de biserici care fiecare la randul ei are puncte de misiune deschise in vederea plantari altor biserici .

Presedintele asociatiei: CALIN ION

                                                          Presentation of our ministry

             Why an organisation for gipsy people?For giving them a chance to hear about possibility of being saved by Jesus Christ,and because gipsy people from Romania are pushed away by romanians and they don't get credit for becoming missionary or simpe people who can share the Gospel of our Jesus Christ.They are seen like somebody that cannot be trusted and not serious people.Also they are not accepted like spiritual leaders because they get the fault of being the cause of all problems.That is what most of the Christian Ministries think about gipsy people. Having in view that in Romania are more then three million gipsy ,I can say that they take serious the comandement that God gave us .Every rroma family has 4-5 chidren if not up to 10- 15 children. 
              What are the goals of this ministry?-intense mission among the gipsy,evangelise every gipsy house and in the end prepare them to be the future missionary and leaders who will do the same with other gipsy people.In the gipsy communities that are living in bad social conditions we wish that we can give them financial help that they need so much,build churches among their communities and also help the gipsy children by having different programs. We pray that God will prepare brothers and sisters and also ministries that can help us with this program and the work that we have here in Romania ,so we can be parteners in this work of helping the gipsy to get saved and not only them but all the others romanians
            In present we have 87 churches in our ministry and each church has their mission points that have in their view the planting of other churches. Our vision is based on apostolic Christian principles and we want to accomplish the grate commandement from Mathew 28:19-20 Maranata amen!!

Ministry's President : CALIN ION

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